YouTube Ranking – How to Get Your Video Rank High on YouTube

A YouTube search that ranks your video first can bring you free traffic. This article will provide proven tips to ensure your video is ranked higher in search results and seen more people.

YouTube is primarily concerned with the following criteria:

Your video is popular

Keywords in the video title, description, and tags

Number of comments from visitors

Your video has been rated by visitors

Number of subscribers to your YouTube channel

YouTube ranks its videos in a similar way to Google’s search engine results. Google now owns YouTube. Both YouTube and Google love to share relevant content. Your chances of appearing on the first page of YouTube search results are greater if you have more viewers.

YouTube views and likes

You have the option to add a description, a title and tags when you upload a video. You should include primary keywords in your title, description, and tags. It is not rocket science to select profitable long tail keywords. It is important to choose popular keyword phases with low competition in Google searches. The keyword is not often searched for, so it doesn’t generate many results in a particular search.

The keywords used to define tags in YouTube are keywords that describe the video and allow people to find it through a search. YouTube tags are currently only single words and not phrases. Copying tags from popular videos with keywords that are related to your video is a great way to get relevant tags. To copy the tags, expand the description box below the video. Next, go to Edit in YouTube and copy these tags into the video.

You can improve your ranking by making videos that are valuable and spark curiosity. You can also use controversial topics to encourage viewers to rate and comment on your video. YouTube doesn’t distinguish between positive and negative comments when ranking videos. It is important to engage your viewers and get them talking about your video. YouTube loves it when users spend more time on YouTube.

You can increase your subscribers by uploading more videos to the channel every week. A free gift is another way to get your followers to subscribe. It is a great idea to rate, comment and compliment videos of others. Other channels can be subscribed to. This is the rule of reciprocity. Learn more about youtube likes kopen.