Things To Consider While Buying Frozen Lobster Meat Online

There are a few things to consider before buying lobster. The tips for this are different from the ones you need to consider while personally purchasing them at a market. You cannot see a lobster and its condition live while purchasing them online. So what do we consider while getting frozen lobster meat online?

The Shipping Fee

The shipping fee, in some cases, is said to be free. But this is far from true. The actual price of the lobster is not as much as the shipping of these lobsters until your doorstep because it is quite a lengthy and careful process. This is why the prices are much higher online than at your local stores.

The Shipping Conditions

Make sure you know where the lobsters are being shipped from and what carrier is being used. It is much better to get liveĀ frozen lobster meat online otherwise the taste of the dish will be entirely different. This is because of the enzymes present in them that start digesting their body once dead.


Since you have ordered live ones, make sure they are alive when they get to you as well. it might be just the tail that you want but this does not mean they can arrive dead otherwise. Make sure to read the return policy of the particular site before placing your order. You can also contact their customer service to know what is to be done.