Roof Gutter – Practical Roof Gutter Cleaning Tips

A roof gutter needs cleaning at least two times a year. It is best to clean the system in the fall right after the heavy tree defoliation and in late spring. Use some practical guidance and advice to do a good job.

Use blower cleaning tools to clean your roof gutter. This option has a number of benefits. First and foremost, you would not stress over using water and making a mess. Provided that you have a powerful blower, the pressure of the air will be sufficient for removing any debris adhered to the walls. Additionally, there are different attachments for blowers available and they will allow you to clean the system completely without worrying about any debris being left over.

Clean the horizontal section of theĀ Wizzley first using a blower extension tool. There are plenty of powerful tools which can be extended to as much as 20 feet in height. With such a tool, you would not have to stress over staying on a ladder while cleaning. Start from one side of the roof gutter and go gradually to the other one holding the tool immovably and keeping the nozzles inside the drain channel at all times.

Add a special downspout attachment to the blower to connect the device to the downspout opening. Then you basically need to hold the blower while the air pressure attempts to unclog the downspout. The larger proportion of the debris will come out from the upper opening, yet some parts may remain inside the channel. That is why it is a good idea to use a simple wand to inspect the downspouts after cleaning them and to remove any remaining debris.

Go over the horizontal section of the roof gutter again to remove any leaves and debris which have fallen there during the downspout cleaning. Along these lines, you will ensure that the drain channels are perfectly clean.

Ascend a ladder to inspect the roof gutter and take a trowel, wire brush and/or steel fleece with you to remove any debris adhered to the walls of the drain channel. Generally, there ought not be quite left, however it is best to have these tools at hand to be on the safe side. Use them carefully, in the event that you have to and take your time. You may want to move down to get the blower and use it to remove any leaves and debris that have remained on the roof.

Finally, to confirm that you have done a good job in cleaning the gutter, essentially pour some water inside and see how fast it will start flowing from the downspout.