Indian Telugu Language Romantic Drama Film: AmaramAkhilamPrema

Amaram Akhilam Prema is one of the most romantic movies ever in telugu. The title derives all the meaning of the movie that it’s just love, you will fall in love after watching it. It shows how to love in the right way. The respect you give for loved ones is more important than love. Amar is a gentle and guy who will be loved by all. Akhila is a beautiful girl who can just talk with her eyes. Watch Amaram Akhilam Prema movie online and be loved in the right way. Romantic movies onlinelike these are bliss top sight.Amaram Akhilam Prema movie


This movie is one of the kind which can be watched for hundreds and still not get bored of. Each time when you watch it you will notice something new and amazing. Not just about the story considering all the factors. But the story begins with Akhila, who has a greatest relationship with her father. A relationship which is tender, childish and pure love. All the moments together is a bliss to watch. Unfortunately any story has a twist right, even they also have a difference in choices. She chose a guy without her dad’s permission in college which was completely a wrong one. That guy cheats on Akhila and she regrets that for the life time. She wants to forget that and focus on goal of becoming IAS, which was Akhila’s dad’s dream. She wanted to work hard to fulfil her dad’s dream. Then she meets the laziest and most understanding person Amar. who has completed graduation and works in his dad’s book store. He tries to get close to Akhila and in that process he gets closest to her family. He loves her so much that he was ready to leave her after knowing her past and father’s seriousness. Watch the movie to know if their love will succeed or not.

Technical Assets:

  • Amaram Akhilam Prema is a beautiful movie which has the most romantic story. It has all the elements that makes a movie perfect. Maybe it lacks in begging commercials but it’s the sweetest movie with the sweetest storyline.
  • This movie has the most melodious music which will make you fall in love with the movie, so meaningful and authentic.
  • This movie has great dialogues, they are short but shoot the meaning out, communication between the characters are very interesting.

Artists Performance:

  • Vijay Ram is handsome and talented, he doesn’t feel like it’s his debut movie. He proved that he has a great future.
  • Shivshakthi Sachdev has the prettiest face and eyes. She could kill people with a smiley eye and extreme talent.

Cast & Crew:

Actor: Vijay Ram

Actress: Shivshakthi Sachdev

Other Actors: Srikanth Iyengar, Naresh, Sri Lakshmi, Annapoorna

Director: Jonathan Vesapogu

Products: Vevkds Prasad

Music Director: Radhan

Cinematographer: Rasool Ellore


More Information:

Runtime: 2 hours 12 minutes

Released: 18 September 2020

Genre: Romance, Drama

Distributed by: Aha

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