What to look at the Feng Shui?

Still water is a particularly decent approach to pull in success, yet the water must be kept clean water, regardless of whether in a jar with new blossoms, or with four fortunate bamboos in the bowl. An office in the South is particularly promising for journalists and other inventive callings. In the event that the #4 is in the room use relationship pictures like Mandarin Ducks, which mate forever.  Try not to utilize water scenes in the room, as some state this can prompt betrayal. In the event that the #4 is in the room, a wood Kuan Yin, Mandarin Ducks, or Dragon and Phoenix will add sentiment and security to connections.  Abstain from including objects that are white or metallic tone in shading, made of metal, or are round or semi-roundabout fit as a fiddle as Metal assaults Wood. Stay away from the shading red, triangle shapes, or consuming candles as Fire diminishes Wood. Either eliminate these things, or include extra dim, watery hues, and indistinct shapes to sustain 4 Green Wood whichever room in the house #4 is visiting.

Putting a Crystal Globe on a work area favors travel, a Seven-Tier Pagoda, an Abacus, or potentially a Calligraphy Pen Set is amazing to profit scholarly accomplishment  as the inventive callings. A Gem Tree with Red Stones can likewise be utilized to blend 4 Wood with South Fire.

Ian – 6 White Metals in SW

Star of Heaven

The division with #6 is generally viewed as fantastic riches and vocation achievement, particularly this year as the SW Earth takes care of the Metal Element of #6.

Nonetheless, alert is likewise required for the current year as the SW is additionally the area of Sui Po, the Year Breaker. In spite of the fact that you can fortify the #6 with things made of metal, for example, a Dragon-headed Turtle with a coin in its mouth, metal Dragons, or other metallic riches thay phong thuy, be mindful so as not to enact the negative impacts of Sui Po, the Year Breaker, by revamping, burrowing, or upsetting this region in any capacity.

You can likewise invigorate #6 with a lead-glass Crystal Sphere, or genuine Quartz Sphere or regular and unshaped. One or six Hollow Gold Ingots can be put in the SW to improve #6 light weights, non-metallic, and gold shading, or a non-metallic Gold Buddha.

On the off chance that the SW is a room, restrain #6 Metals with blue hued things, pictures of relationship agreement, for example, portrayals of a Dragon and Phoenix